Palm Beach Income Program Review

The Palm Beach Current Income Program is a combination of two top products – The Palm Beach Letter Current Income Weekly Trading Service and The Palm Beach Letter Current Income Webinar Course.

Members will gain access to…

The “Palm Beach Letter Current Income Weekly Trading Service“, which includes weekly educational emails with an options pick and instructions.


The “Palm Beach Letter Current Income Webinar Course“, which includes an ample amount of educational materials including training webinars.

Both of which will be included into The Palm Beach Current Income Program.

Note: We are ALSO offering all subscribers that sign up within the first 48 hours a FREE E-Book. The E-Book title is, “11 Secrets to Generate up to 100k in Extra Income THIS Year”.

The strategy we’re going to show you is – without a doubt – the safest, most intelligent way of earning income from the stock and options market in existence.

The first thing you need to know about Palm Beach Current Income is that it isn’t a conventional options trading service. We consider it to be a new way of managing your financial affairs to create a second income… like a work-from-home online business.

Also, this isn’t a typical newsletter subscription in which we feed you a bunch of investment recommendations without any help or explanation. You’re about to read and study an intelligent investment strategy. But Palm Beach Current Income is bigger than that. We’re going to teach you how to be a disciplined investor creating a second income from home.

You’ll be able to use this valuable skill for the rest of your life.

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To get going as quickly and as effectively as possible, please follow these 10 guidelines. We’ve taught this course before. We’ve seen the results. We know what works and what does not. And we’ve refined the course to make it as effective as possible. By following these guidelines, you set yourself up for the greatest chance of success…

The 10 Rules for Getting the Most out of Palm Beach Current Income

 1.   Don’t put money into trade recommendations until you’re completely comfortable with the strategy. You should never invest in anything you don’t understand. But in this case, it’s never been more critical. You will lose money–possibly a great deal of it–if you attempt to earn income before you understand the strategy. Instead, paper trade using the trade log we have provided below until you are comfortable with this strategy.

2.   Follow the instructions. In our combined 25 years of experience in trading options, we’ve made all of the mistakes. If you follow the instructions you won’t have to repeat them.

3.   Go through the webinars slowly. Don’t rush.

Your first instinct might be to rush through the course over the next few hours in order to start earning income as fast as possible. This would be a big mistake. You’ll end up with a superficial understanding of the strategy. We recommend that you watch two webinars per week. Between each webinar, think about the subject matter and allow it to solidify in your mind before you advance to the next lesson.

4.   Complete the five-minute homework assignments and track the sample trade recommendations in the trading log we’ve created for you or in the free broker simulator we’ll introduce you to. Our course is accelerated. It’s best learned through repetition, reinforcement, and real-world examples. Our homework will never take you more than five minutes.

5.   Don’t skip any parts of the course. We’ve designed and structured this course for you to assimilate the data as quickly as possible. Please follow the course in the correct order, and don’t skip any parts. This is especially important if you have some modest options experience. It’s best to start from scratch, using correct fundamentals.

6.   Send us your questions. The accelerated nature of this course will lead to confusion the first time we mention a new term or concept. We don’t expect you to understand everything at first go, so that’s why we keep repeating it, keep reinforcing it, and keep using real-world examples.

We know that this is the best way to learn this material, and our previous students all understood the strategy by the end of the course. You will, too, if you stick with us.

As you watch the webinars, make note of any questions or feedback you have. When you are done reviewing all six webinars, send us your questions and your feedback.

We’ll read all your emails, but please understand that we can’t and won’t respond to you individually. It is illegal for us to do so.

Be comfortable, knowing that we’re not going to drop the ball on any of these issues that you might not understand perfectly. We will readdress the most common questions in our weekly issues.

7.   You must have at least $15,000 to use this strategy in the way that we intend it. If you have $20,000 or more, that’s even better. If you have less than $15,000, it’s not going to work for the simple reason that you won’t be able to put on enough of the investments we recommend. You’ll have to have too many eggs in one basket. And you’ll also suffer from having to pay high commission costs on this.

I don’t mean that you should borrow that money or use money you had otherwise put aside for your retirement.  This must be money that you can put to work without the emotional baggage of being worried about losing it.

8.   Set goals for yourself, as you would for any major project. Your first goal should be to place one trade with real money. Then your next goal should be to generate $10,000 in income.

9.   Take the test after the course. We designed the test to help you judge yourself. Your incorrect answers will reveal the gaps in your knowledge. You can then target those gaps with your study. When you ace the test, you’ll know you’re ready to place real money trades.

10. Stick with it. This is the secret to making this strategy work. Dedicate yourself to learning the course as quickly and thoroughly as possible… then stick with the strategy once you’ve mastered it. Investors who jump from strategy to strategy always end up losing money.

An issue of Palm Beach Current Income will be sent to your email inbox each week on Tuesday afternoon. Depending on when you subscribed to Palm Beach Current Income, you may receive the weekly issue immediately or in a few days.

Unless you are an experienced option trader, resist the urge to execute these trade recommendations. Instead, save them to study and read as you go through the webinars we have prepared for you. Use the weekly trade recommendations to paper trade until you feel you have mastered the strategy.

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Altucher's Secret Income ReviewWhen James Altucher Stepped Into a Coffee Shop… You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

“I want to show you the amazing day we just had in New York.

I got some friends with a camera… and a BIG WAD OF CASH (about $1,000)… and started giving it away to perfect strangers.

Why? You’ll be blown away when you see it – click here for the video.”


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